Friday, July 7, 2017

Growing Great Gardeners!

Getting the job done
On the last Wednesday of term, some of us did some gardening!  There was lots to do such as harvesting the vegetables, removing the weeds and turning over the soil.  Ms Jury showed us what to do and we got stuck in! Once the vegetables were pulled from our school garden they went on our sharing table where students and their whanau could take them home and use them.  We organised the tables, made signs and made sure we grouped the vegetables into their right piles. Have a look at what went on below!
Corey and Jaclyn getting all the weeds
Corey showing us his gardening skills

Natalya getting stuck in

Taitafiti and Harry having a go

Final product!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Looking around the world!

Global Treasures
2 terms are nearly down and this term our Connected theme was Global Treasures. We have been working hard on our 21 tasks that are due on the last day of term (Friday 7 July). There have been 8 subjects and we get to self-select the tasks we are interested in! We have learnt lots about the the different treasures worldwide and spent time researching, creating, constructing and presenting different activities. One task I enjoyed doing was called 'Tapa'. For this task we had to find out about what a Tapa is made out of, we then designed one with the right colours. Once we had finished the piece of art we had to scrunch it into a ball so it looked realistic. We think that since we have these great connected tasks they keep us motivated to get them done. We have learnt to manage our time too.

By Jayden and Selina
Selina and Mt Everest 

Natalya and her survival kit

What's inside!
Hanna sharing her Connected task with Iatira and Shivan

Hanna and Ava performing their Connected Task: Songs and dances from around the world

Harry, Jayden, Kelston and Josiah performing their group Connected task.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Welcoming in Wellington

Kapa Haka go to Wellington
On Thursday the 22nd of June 2017, we had to wake up really early in the morning and be at school at 6.45am! Our Principal Sue Jury asked us if we could perform at their Principal Conference and welcome them with a Mihi Whakatau. As we got there we saw a lot of principals from different parts of New Zealand, even people from Australia. After we saw 150 principals we had to get changed and get ready to perform.  When we got changed it was time for us to perform, when we performed we had a very small space but it was ok to work with.  After we had performed the principals couldn’t thank us enough for the lovely performance and told Ms Jury that we should go on tour. Later on we headed back to our school and had a big morning tea which was made by Mrs Neville and Mrs Mumford. It was so delicious we couldn’t thank them enough. That was our day, we all had so much fun and Ms Jury was very proud of us.

By Kelston Lemana

Monday, June 26, 2017

Our girls get a glimpse!

SHC Open Day 2017
Sacred Heart College open day came and all of the year 8 senior girls went to visit and had a tour around the school.  When we got there, we were welcomed by the students and principal, Ms Potter.  We were all given a sheet of paper to fill out and later put into groups of 4 with a year 9 and 12 SHC student. They both introduced themselves, we had Evie and Lucy as our tour guides.  They took us around the whole school and into the classrooms.  When the bell rang all the students went to their classrooms and we got to go inside when they were working. We were welcomed by a few students along the way, including the teachers and librarian.  At the library the librarian gave us a Sacred Heart Collage bookmark with their school values on the back. We then went to the gym and saw a bunch of students doing fitness exercises, and later headed into the workout room which is called ‘Fit bit’.  We went in the science room and the teacher let us try a solar panel, the closer it got to the light it made a ‘errr’ sound.  After we ended our tour around SHC we went to the front of the school and had a couple of biscuits and a drink.

Fiti: Overall, my favourite part of the SHC visit was going to the canteen because of the amount of delicious food they had there and seeing the classrooms they have in the school, as there is a many on different floors, especially the mission house.

Natalya: My favourite part about going to Sacred Heart College was getting to look around all the classrooms when the students were in class and getting to see the amount of yum food they have in their canteen.  

By Natalya.T and Taitafiti
It was great to catch up with some of our ex students from last year!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Celebrating our Cultures

Cultural Day 2017
Cultural Day was held on Friday 16th June 2017. It was a day to celebrate and acknowledge all the different cultures in our school. We had a cultural parade, a huge feast and a big cultural show!

In the morning we came to school in uniform and then we arrived and got changed into our cultural outfits. Like always, we did the roll and prayers, then we went outside and lined up behind our country’s flag. There are exactly 28 cultures in our school. The parade started, and each country started to walk down the deck and around the courts. Music was played and once we finished walking around the courts we lined back up. We took photos with our country and then we got changed back into our school uniform.

After we had morning tea, we all got split up into different whanau groups. Then we headed down to those classes and we started doing three different rotations. There was so many different groups it would be impossible to write them all down. Each teacher had to select a culture and then they had to select an activity to do with that culture. It was a great chance to experience an activity from a different culture.

After the rotations had all finished, we had lunch, but not just any lunch… We had a shared lunch! Everybody brought a bowl or plate of food from their culture and all the food was put on the tables in Totara Tahi because it was the biggest classroom. There was so many food from so many different countries and cultures. We ate in Miss Tuifao’s classroom.

After lunch, every class went onto the courts and sat down. We had our cultural performance in front of Hinau whanau, and everyone was so excited for it to start. We started off with an Indian Bollywood dance and then we had Russian dancing some Kapa Haka, and much more!

Culture Day was a fantastic day! Everyone enjoyed it and got to represent their culture and hopefully we get do it again next year!

By Sienna and Ava

Totara Toru
Naera and his dad (Arapeta) showing the class his family carving
Emerald and Wainui making their babushka dolls

One of our Cultural Day hosts- Kelston
Tahlia and Kiri giving a great performance!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Seriously Science

Wednesday Morning Scientists 
On Wednesday mornings half of the whanau go to TechnoCraft at Wainuiomata Intermediate and the other half of the whanau stay with Miss O'Grady.  This block with Miss O'Grady is all about Science! We are learning how to set up and carry out an experiment, how to observe and record our findings and then make conclusions.  We are also being exposed to lots of new vocabulary and learning new concepts like at the moment how forces work.  We are working in small groups across the whanau- here are some photos of us in action!